Guidelines for creating WM-purses

System participants can use WM-purses of different types depending on their WM-passport type and their country of residence.

Alias passport owners have rights to create WMZ and WMG purses as well as purses for digital units corresponding with the currency of their country of residence (WMK and WMY), but excluding WMB.

Formal passport owners, who undergo verification of their identification documents uploaded to the Verification Center, in addition will receive rights to create purses for digital units of any type:WMK, WMX, WMY, WMH, WML, WMF, WMT.
To create a WME purse, you also need to specify the full address of residence (country, city, etc.).
Creating a WMB purse is available after checking the VideoId.

Initial passport owners have rights to create purses of all types, excluding WMC-purse.

Personal passport owners can create purses of all types. To create a WMC-purse, the personal passport owner has to enable the transaction confirmation function via E-num service or by SMS.

If you receive the error message: “You can create a purse of this type only after uploading copies of your identification documents or receiving a passport of the higher type” when creating a purse, you need to take the following actions:

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