Initial passport

An initial passport is issued to WebMoney Transfer members who have received a formal passport after the verification of their personal (passport) information. Initial passports are not issued to users who have received an initial (or personal) passport before. Currently there are two ways of receiving an initial passport:

  • From one of the Persons participating in the Verification Centre Partner Program. The passport cost (minimum 1 WMZ and on average 2–5 WMZ) and passport issuance terms depend on the chosen Verifier.
  • Automatically, when adding funds to an R-purse via the service The automatic issuance of passports is carried out currently when funds are added via the UNIstream and Anelik money transfer systems. No fee is charged for the issuance of a passport. The entire amount (minus the commission) is transferred to the R-purse. After the Verification Centre receives the bank information with details on the transfer made via, and made with the purpose off adding funds to an R-purse via one of the money transfer systems mentioned above, your personal data will be automatically verified. If the transfer details and the personal data of the owner of the WMID coincide, further instructions will be sent to the user by e-mail and internal WM mail. You will be asked to upload a scanned copy of your passport (if this has not been done already) and accept the agreement in electronic form. If you have not received these instructions 24 hours after the payment transfer, contact the Verification Centre for help. To do so, send a WM mail message to WMID 464889785562 with the date of the completed payment and the number of your purse.

Holders of initial passports gain the following additional features provided by the system:

  • automate funds acceptance from customers using the Merchant WebMoney Transfer service interfaces, in limited mode;
  • withdraw WMZ funds to bank cards received via the service, with restrictions, significantly higher than those for holders of formal passports;
  • participate in Capitaller (access to the operating budget automation tool);
  • publish news on the blog at;
  • restore WMID control in a simplified manner;

To see, how to receive an initial passport, click here