WMF is a WebMoney Transfer title unit that is a 0,001 ETH equivalent. WMF is an accounting unit for property rights to publish entries in the global public database of the network, transferred by members of the System to the Guarantor.

WMF are kept track of in purses of F type

WMF Guarantor: INDX Transactions LTD.

Mailing address: Unit 617, 6/F, 131-132 Connaught Road West, Solo Workshops, Hong Kong.

Transfer for keeping and return from keeping of ETH is performed under the Agreement on Property Rights Keeping (WMF).

WebMoney Transfer fee for WMX transfer is equal to 0.8% of the transfer amount.
Maximum WebMoney Transfer fee for WMF transfer is equal to 50.00.

The minimum requirement for top-up/withdrawal operations is a verified formal passport.

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