Personal passport issuance procedure

In accordance with the Regulations of the verification procedures, personal passports are issued either in person at personal meeting of the applicant with the selected registrar or on the basis of the documents notarized by the Verification Centre and its regional representatives.
You can find the list of registrars issuing personal passports at, and using notarized documents here

The procedure for receiving a personal passport without personally meeting anyone from the registrars is the following:

1 Fill in application for acquiring a personal passport on Certification Centre website (link "Receive a personal passport"). Select Verification Centre (WM Passport Service WMID#464889785562 ) as registrar or any regional representative who has the "Notarized documents sent via regular mail" mark in the "Terms and conditions for issuance" field. Then pay for the application via special tool at Verification Centre web-site (the "pay" link at this page The fee for receiving personal passport directly from the Verification Centre is 19 WMZ.

2 Print and fill in the Personal passport application

3 Notarize the application with the notary officer and write down their contact phone number. You do not have to notarize a copy of your passport.

4 Contact any registrar via internal WM mail or e-mail (you can look for the registrar information on the Verification Centre website) to get their address. Specify in any form the contact phone number of the notary officer and send by post to the registrar's address the application and copy of your passport. If you chose the Verification Centre as the registrar then you must send the documents (without stated value) to the following address: Ltd, PO Box 38, 119049 Moscow Russia
If you are able to see the selected registrar in person, then instead of following steps 3 and 4, meet them by agreeing about the meeting in advance.

You can see the order of actions when filling in personal data on the example of formal passport in this video:

You can see the order of actions when filling in the personal passport application in this video:
or see a demo here

The regulations of the verification procedures and document samples can be found on the Verification Centre web-site: