WMC is a WebMoney Transfer title unit that is a WMZ equivalent for credit transactions kept track of in purses of C type.

A purse of the C type is used to keep record of received credits.

A purse of the C type can be created only once and cannot be deleted.

You can create a purse of the C type only if you have a passport no lower than personal and use the E-num to confirm operations.

WMC title units are actually promissory notes (obligations to transfer a respective number of WMZ title units by a certain date) to the creditors of the C type purse owner.

Number of units at WMC purse corresponds to a number of WMZ that must be transferred to creditors.

The C purse transaction history stores records of promissory notes issued to creditors.

See also Credit exchange, Credit repayment, Credit transactions, Personal passport, WMD