Alias passport

An alias passport is issued free of charge to every WebMoney Transfer member automatically upon registration in the system (after receiving your WMID). Data specified by users have not been verified. For all details included the passport states that the information has not been verified and is recorded according to the passport holder.

Personal data should be changed on Verification Center Website after receiving a formal passport.

Alias passport allows:

  • perform transfers between WebMoney System users;
  • top-up purses with cash (through terminal) and pre-paid WM-cards;
  • to perform payments for services (internet provider etc.) and internet shopping at resources that accept WM;
  • to pay for mobile communication services, with the following limits, per day (month) - 600 RUB /15 USD;
  • perform payments and creation invoices;
  • conduct secure correspondence;
  • exchange digital units of one type to another (for example, WMR to WMZ).

For Alias WM-Passport holders with Keeper Mini or Mobile are set following financial restrictions (limits).
There are restrictions for some types of title signs. Transfer of WMR and WMU may only be made to owners of Personal Passports or Passports of an upper type.