Financial restrictions applied to the members of the System

There are financial restrictions for WebMoney Transfer System members that depend on the level of identification (type of WM-passport), type of WM Keeper used by the member and enabled methods of transactions confirmation.

Allowed amounts of funds for incoming and outgoing payments are the least for those members who manage their purses via WM Keeper Standard (Mini) and WM Keeper Mobile and who have alias passports with no phone number specified.

For owners of R-purses the maximum amount of funds is 15,000 (does not depend on the type of WM Keeper).

For owners of R-purses with a passport from personal passport or less, the limit on expenditure transactions is 40,000 (does not depend on the type of WM Keeper).

Owners of R-purses with an alias passport cannot receive funds from the wallets of individuals. It is necessary to obtain a formal passport.

Members of the System owning Alias passport who manage their purses using WM Keeper WinPro or WM Keeper WebPro have a limit of the maximum amount of funds on WM purses:

300 300 0 63 15 000 240 000 20 000 000 150 000 4 500 1 100 000 15 000

WMP Limits

WM currency type maximum amount of funds monthly spending limit maximum one-time payment
WMP 60 000 600 000 200 000 3 000 000 15 000 600 000

To use a WMP purse, Russian citizens need to have a TIN or SNILS and obtain a Formal passport. Citizens of other countries must go through full identification in JSC Bank "KKB" in one of the branches of the bank or with one of the registrars of the Passport service.

The limits are determined by the level of your identification in JSC Bank "KKB" .

NPEPI - Non-personalized electronic payment instrument with simplified identification (with a formal passport and data verified by JSC Bank "KKB") Also you should to indicate the TIN or SNILS in the passport control panel .
For simplified identification, the maximum balance is 60,000 WMP, monthly turnover is 200,000 WMP.

PEPI - Personalized electronic payment instrument with full identification (with a formal passport and data verified by JSC Bank "KKB" or one of the WebMoney registrars).

For operations with WMB purses required initial passport or higher.

The complete list of existing limitations for operations of receving and withdrawing funds can be found in the sections below:

To cancel the restrictions for outgoing payments and increase the limitations for operations it is recommended to:

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