VISA or MASTERCARD cards topup in USD or EUR

Performed at the page

Service fees and applicable limits

Withdrawal of funds to VISA bank cards is not available at the moment !!!

  • Withdrawal is available for System participants with a passport from a formal one with verified data (a PhotoID or VideoID check may be required);
  • The deposited funds are normally credited to your bank account within three business days.
  • The Service fee is 2 % of the top up amount + 3 EUR.
  • The Service fee is 10 % of the top up amount + 3 USD.
  • USD/EUR withdrawal is not available for residents of the Russian Federation;

The maximum top-up amount is restricted subject to the WebMoney Passport type of the user.

WebMoney Passport Type Top Up Limits
Daily Limit Monthly Limit
Formal and above Passport (with verified passport/ID and verified address) 1 000 EUR/USD 1 000 EUR/USD

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