VISA or MASTERCARD cards topup in USD or EUR

Service fees and applicable limits

Withdrawal of funds to VISA bank cards is not available at the moment !!!

  • Withdrawal is available for System participants with a passport from a formal one with verified data and VideoID;
  • The deposited funds are normally credited to your bank account within three business days.
  • The Service fee is 2 % of the top up amount + 3 EUR.
  • The Service fee is 15 % of the top up amount + 3 USD.
  • USD/EUR withdrawal is not available for residents of the Russian Federation;
  • Service operator also reserves the right to reject your topup request.
WebMoney Passport Type Top Up Limits
Daily Limit Monthly Limit
Formal and above Passport (with verified passport/ID and verified address) 200 or 500 EUR*, 200 USD 500 EUR/USD

*Service limit is calculated by the operator on individual basis for each request.

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