WebMoney Keeper Standard Applications

This is the class of applications to operate WebMoney Keeper Standard purses that is designed for various mobile and desktop operating systems.

These applications are written using WmkApi . The main functions of WebMoney Keeper are implemented in it making the following actions possible: fund purses, exchange and transfer funds, issue and pay invoices, follow the history of operations. Pay for goods and services, withdraw funds to a bank card, correspond with other members of the System using a protected built-inmessenger.

How to set up the application and start using it

For WebMoney Keeper Standard users

  • Open website ;
  • Proceed to the “Settings” section and enable the required application using SMS;
  • As soon as the permission to use the program is accorded, the download link will appear: follow it to get the application
  • Install the application;
  • Launch it and follow the instructions.

For users of other WebMoney Keeper types

You can also use these applications, but first you should add WebMoney Keeper Standard to the list of permitted purses operating methods. It’s very easy, see here .

Supported OS

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