WebMoney Cards

WebMoney Cards service is designed for ordering and servicing bank plastic and virtual cards of international payment systems (Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay, etc.), which can be used by WebMoney participants to withdraw funds from their WM-purses.

The service provides an opportunity to order the production of one or more cards.

To order the card it is necessary to have a certificate of WebMoney system not lower than formal with verified data.

Virtual card KKB Virtual from JSC Bank " KKB " provides the holder with the full functionality of a conventional plastic card and allows you to safely carry out any kind of electronic payments on the Internet. Virtual card is protected from any type of Internet fraud. The card issue takes a two minutes, the details are delivered to the WM Keeper and to your mobile phone in the form of an SMS-message.

  • KKB Virtual. Account currency: RUB, account funding from a WMR purse.

Available for order plastic cards have a standard design and are designed for rapid withdrawal of funds from their purses in ATMs with the logo of the corresponding payment system.

Card validity periods, account currencies, WM purse types for account funding, monthly account fees and other aspects are different for different card types. You can receive a card by mail at your residence address.

At present, WebMoney Transfer issues and services the following cards:

After activation, the ordered cards are displayed in the "Finance--Cards" section of WM Keeper Standard or in the "Purse" tab of Keeper WinPro and WebPro. Withdrawal of WMZ/WME is available from the context menu of the card or on WebMoney Cards service.

Service website: