Top-up WM-purse with cryptocurrency

Top-up of any WM-purse with cryptocurrency via Guarantor.

You can top-up your WM-purse of any type (WMZ , WME , WMG) with cryptocurrency from a crypto-wallet in Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, USDT, Ethereum or Litecoin systems via the corresponding Guarantor in the WebMoney system.

1. Create a purse of the desired type of cryptocurrency in Keeper (WMX -Bitcoin, WMH - BitcoinCash, WMT - USDT, WMF - Ethereum, WML -Litecoin).

2. Top-up the created WM-purse from your crypto-wallet on the website of the corresponding Guarantor:

3. Exchange the funds from WM-purse to the required type of title units (WMZ , WME , WMG on the WM Exchanger or by instant exchange using the WM Keeper menu.

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