Adding WMZ funds by cash deposits in local banks

Contry Company Term Service fee
Azerbaijan The International bank of Azerbaijan, OJSC Immediately 3%
Georgia Bank Konstanta Immediately 4%
Georgia Bank Republik Immediately 4%
Georgia BasisBank Immediately 4%
Georgia JSC Investbank Immediately 3%
Georgia TbcBank Immediately 4%

In order to add funds to your purse you need to provide to the bank cashier clerk your Z-purse number, the total amount in USD you would like to be added to your account, including service fee, as well as your photo ID.

Banks only accept funds in the amounts multiple of 1 USD.

Limits for adding funds:
Limits marked with a star are the same for both banks and cash-in terminals
The minimum amount is 5 USD.

Daily limits:
1. Alias passport — 200 WMZ.
2. Formal passport — 800 WMZ.
3. Formal passport (with verified data) — 1 500 WMZ.
4. Initial passport — 2 000 WMZ.
5. Personal passport — 3 000 WMZ.

Monthly limits:
1. Alias passport — 1 000 WMZ.
2. Formal passport — 4 000 WMZ.
3. Formal passport (with verified data) — 10 000 WMZ.
4. Initial passport — 15 000 WMZ.
5. Personal passport — 20 000 WMZ.

For users with a Formal passport and verified personal details, who choose to add funds to their WebMoney account by bank cash deposits, the WebMoney Passport Service will issue an Initial Passport.

In the case if for any reason the Initial passport was not issued, you need to verify that your personal details in the system are correct and correspond to your ID documents, as well as you need to check if a scan copy of your passport is uploaded to the service page.

In order to make a cash deposit to your WebMoney account at a local bank you can also use
the Contact money transfer system.

Agreement on purchase and sale of WMZ