Adding WME funds using cash-in terminals

Country Company Term Service fee
Armenia TelCell Immediately 3%
Moldova* Netto Processing Immediately 0%
Tajikistan ExpressPay Immediately 4,5%

*Paymer check is the only top-up option currently available in Moldova.

You can find the nearest cash-in terminal on the WebMoney.Geo website.

When adding funds to your purse the following limits apply:

The minimum amount is 0.5 WME.

Daily limits

Alias passport — 200 WME
Formal passport — 200 WME.
Formal passport (with verified data) — 500 WME
Initial passport — 500 WME
Personal passport — 500 WME

Monthly limits

Alias passport — 1 000 WME
Formal passport — 1 000 WME
Formal passport (with verified data) — 3 000 WME
Initial passport — 3 000 WME.
Personal passport — 5 000 WME.

You can identify the type of your passport on the Verification Centre website —

The Paymer limit is 500 WME per day.

The exchange rate of the national currency to WME is set by terminals.

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