Adding funds to BA purses from an operating account

To add funds to Budget automation tool (BA) purses from a legal person's operating account:

Once you sign the contract, the procedure for adding funds will be the following.

1 The authorized company employee prepares the payment order for the bank transfer based on the below template, which is also sent to the company's address after the contract is signed and the accept/withdraw service is activated;

2 The company carries out a bank transfer according to the requisites specified in the contract, on the following conditions:
  • the payment destination must be formulated exactly the way it is specified in the template;
  • the amount of the transfer must be at least 10,100 Rub., including a 1% commission, according to the contract.

3 1-3 days after the transfer is made from the company's operating account, the funds will appear in the receipts purse of the Budget automation tool.

Keep in mind that according to the Budget automation tool terms of use, all funds entering the receipts purse are distributed to the expenses purses according to the scheme specified during the BA's creation, which can be changed through a vote by the shareholders .

In the LLC LablePrint example, this means that all of the funds entering the BA will be distributed to expenses purses, as will the company's revenue from the sale of its products.

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