Email Address Update in WebMoney Keeper Standard

You can update your e-mail in WebMoney Keeper Standard only through the Email Address Update in your WM Passport section at the Verification Center website .

To update your e-mail by yourself, you must say "yes" to one of the following:
  • I have access to my old e-mail address
  • I selected a verification question during registration and remember the right answer to it
  • I specified an additional e-mail during registration
  • My mobile phone number is specified in the password information.

If you cannot say "yes" to any of the above, then you can only update your e-mail with the help of a Verification Center administrator.

To update your e-mail in WM Keeper Standard (Mini) by yourself, do the following.

1 Login to the special Verification Center page and get verified using your WM Keeper Standard (Mini). Then specify the new e-mail address and press "Next".

Once you receive a notification saying that the verification code has been sent to your new e-mail,

login to your Inbox and confirm your new e-mail address for your WM passport by following the link in the message.

2 To complete the e-mail update in your personal WM Passport information, enter the answer to the verification question or the verification code, which you can receive at:

  • your old e-mail address, if you still have access to it,
  • an additional email address, if you specified it during registration,
  • via SMS on your mobile phone (by pressing the link "Receive SMS with the verification code...").

Once you successsfly update your e-mail, the following page will open up in your browser.

3 Now your e-mail in your personal WM Passport information is updated.

If you cannot update your e-mail using the above instructions, then you should update it with the help of a Verification Center administrator.

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