Problems of adding funds by depositing cash to ATMs

Possible questions and answers:

- I have authorized my purse before adding funds to it but funds have not yet arrived.

- I have authorized my purse and called the Terminal support service and they told me that the funds had been sent but they still have not arrived.

The situation is like this: if you do not have any funds in your purse then the transaction has not yet been made. WebMoney, with the best will in the world, will not be able to help you because we do not see the money that are in balance of the given terminal. If you have not received your funds then make all inquiries directly to the Terminal support service.

- I have called Terminal support service and they told me that the transaction had been made and they are waiting for manual confirmation from WebMoney.
There is no confirmation of the transaction. When adding funds to your purse via ATMs a direct transaction from purse to purse is made. Call Terminal support service.
In case of OSMP - their security system blocks funds before their arrival for 24 hours, and OSMP dealer will see exactly this error. It means that you have to wait for 24 hours.

- I have added funds via a terminal they have not arrived. I wanted to call ATM support service but the ATM did not produce any cheque or anything and I do not know who to call about this matter.
Get details about the owner of the terminal from the shop's administration (or administration of the building where the ATM is located).

- I have specified my WMID instead of R-purse.

- I have specified my purse number incorrectly, is it possible to redirect the transfer to the right purse?
You need to consult the Terminal support service and inquire about the status of your transfer. If the ATM service has your details then your funds must be redirected to the right purse number. If the transaction has been completed, then you have to contact the owner of the purse to whose purse the invalid transfer had been made.

- How to find out whether my purse has been authorized?
Follow this link:
If next to your purse in the "for individual person" column you see a date then your purse was authorized.

- I have authorized my purse for a legal person, is it possible to add funds via ATMs in this case?
NO. Legal persons are not allowed to add funds via ATMs.

- How long does it take for funds to go from an ATM to purse?
Everything depends on the company via which you have made the transfer. They set the terms. For example the transfer via OSMP takes minimum 24 hours. You can find more details about transfer terms on the tariffs page or by calling Terminal support service.

- What is a formal passport required for when authorizing a purse?
Authorization of a purse is your consent with the "Agreement on sales of funds". As the agreement cannot be signed by an anonymous user, they are required to have a formal (or higher) passport.

- What fee is charged when adding funds via ATMs?
Again, everything depends on the company which owns the payment terminal. Clarify this question with Terminal support service or check the information about tariffs.

- I have authorized my purse, but it is still shaded in the program.
This has nothing to do with the autorization. A purse is shaded when there's zero balance in it.