Problems of adding funds by depositing cash to ATMs

I made a payment to a WMR wallet through the terminal, the amount was not received. What to do?

Answer: Money transfer to a WMR purse , which contained non-personalized electronic instrument of payment(NEIP), using payment terminals, electronic wallets, mobile operators and other transfer methods without using a bank account, has been terminated since 01/08/2020 .

Where can I get information about the terminals through which i can transfer money to the WMP wallet and it's fee?

Answer: You can find the closest terminal and get the fee information here .
Full list of terminal networks is here (only Russian).

How do I know that a payment has arrived to my WMP wallet?

Answer: Your WM Keeper receives a corresponding message with payment details when funds are received.

Are there any restrictions on accepting funds through the terminal?

Answer: Yes, all limits and restrictions are indicated on the page

What should I do if I indicated not a P-purse, but a WMID when paying?

Answer: For some payment systems, it is possible to determine the wallet number by WMID during the transfer - in this case, funds are automatically credited to the wallet of the owner of the WMID.

If you do not see the funds on the wallet, you need to contact the support service of the sending company using the contacts indicated on the payment receipt or on the terminal itself to resend the payment.

I indicated the number of the WMP wallet incorrectly while sending funds via a terminal.

Answer: You need to contact the terminal support service and find out the state of your payment. If the funds are on the balance of the terminal company, then you must re-make the payment to the correct wallet number. If the payment has already passed (i.e. this wallet exists), then you need to contact the owner of the wallet to which you made an erroneous payment personally through WM Keeper.