Adding WM funds by depositing cash to ATMs

To add WMR funds to a purse by depositing cash at an ATM, you should do the following:

1 Write down or memorize your WMR purse number. The purse number is in the form R123456789012, and can be found in the "purses" section of your program. Do not confuse the purse number with your [[WMID],] which consists of 12 digits without any letters.

2 At the ATM, follow the step-by-step instructions, choose to top up your WebMoney account and enter your WMR purse number (usually without R, that is, if your purse number is R123456789012, you only need to enter 123456789012). If the terminal requests it, enter your cell phone number.
Example: if your phone number is (916) 777-55-33, you should enter 9167775533.

3 After this wait for the funds to be credited to your purse automatically and without further action on your part. If, for some reason, the funds have not been added automatically you can contact the terminal support service to clarify how to add funds and any other information you may require. You can find the information for the terminal support service on the cheque as well as on the ATM itself.