Adding WM funds by depositing cash to ATMs

In Russian Federation, you can top-up the WMP purse through terminals, ATMs and cash desks.

You can find the nearest terminal on our website or in the mobile application (in the purse menu, select the "Top up" item, and then "Find places nearby")

The procedure to top-up a WMP purse is as follows:

1. Find the WebMoney item in the payment terminal menu.
2. Enter your P-purse number (12 digits). For example: if the purse is P111222333444, you need to enter 111222333444.
4. Enter your mobile phone number on the terminal request
5. Enter the amount of funds you want to top-up. Attention: take into account the commission of the terminal and the payment system, which is not always known in advance.
For restrictions of the top-up, see the bottom of the page. You must add at least 10 rubles (excluding terminal commission).
6. The terminal will print a receipt. Do not throw it away before the funds are credited to the purse.
7. The purse has been successfully refilled.

Sometimes the payment is credited with a delay, this is due to the technological features of the terminals.
If the funds were not credited, contact the terminal support service.

Attention! If the terminal, ATM or other electronic device does not allow you to specify P as the first character, specify the R character. The funds will in any case go to your purse, regardless of the first character P or R. The main thing is to specify the numbers correctly.

When top-up yourpurse, consider the existing restrictions:
The amount of a one-time replenishment is not more than 15,000 rubles.

P-purses have following daily, weekly and monthly (up to 10 transactions per day) top-up limits:

  • for simplified identification - up to 200,000.00 rubles;
    (maximum top-up amount is 60,000.00).
  • for complete identification - up to 3,000,000 rubles.
    (maximum top-up amount is 600,000.00).

You can check the identification status here