Coding problems in WebMoney Keeper eg question marks appear instead of Cyrillic letters

WebMoney Keeper WinPro does not support Unicode and sometimes weird characters and question marks can appear instead of Cyrillic letters.

To resolve this issue, you'll need to make the following steps:

  • If you do not have the Windows setup disk, please download the Cyrillic fonts archive and unzip it to c:\ru_fonts
  • Click the Start button (typically at the lower left corner of the screen)
  • Select Control Panel and Regional And Language Options
  • Then select the “Advanced” tab
  • Select Russian in the Language for non-Unicode programs. Click Apply
  • Select No in the next dialog (see below)
The required files are already installed on your hard disk. Setup can use these existing files, or Setup can recopy them from your original Windows CD-ROM or from a network share.
Would you like to skip file copying and use the existing files? (If you click No, you will be prompted to insert your Windows CD-ROM or to supply an alternate location where the needed files may be found.)
[Yes][ No ]
  • In the dialog Insert Disk – click OK
  • In the dialog Files Needed – click Browse…
  • Select c:\ru_fonts, click Open
  • In the dialog Files Needed – click OK
  • In the dialog (see below) – click Yes
Change Regional Options
You must restart your computer before the new settings will take effect.
Do you want to restart your computer now?
[Yes][ No ]

On the Windows 7 operating system, you need to perform the following steps:

Start-> Control panel -> Clock, Language, and region -> Language and regional settings -> Change interface language -> Advanced tab -> Change system language ... -> set "Russian".

On the Windows 8 operating system, you need to perform the following steps:

On the desktop, swipe the mouse on the right side of the screen from top to bottom, a menu will appear on the right, click search and type "Control panel". Next, "Clock, Language, and region" -> "Change date, time, and number formats" -> "Advanced" tab -> "Change system language" ... -> set "Russian".

On the Windows 10 operating system, you need to perform the following steps:

Start -> Settings -> Time and language -> Date and time -> Date, time and regional formatting ->Advanced date, time settings and regional settings -> Region -> Administrative tab -> set "Russian".