Group purchases

Group purchase – is a purchase constructive principle, when several buyers unite into a single group in order to purchase goods from a distributor or manufacturer at wholesale prices, or in a different country, for example, via an online-store or internet-auction.

For example, a distributor can sell a batch of TV's 20% cheaper, but on condition that the order will be not less than 100 units. In the Funding service one can thereby create a group purchase , indicate a "TV" as a product, available 100 units, and at the price that already includes a 20% discount. At this rate all buyers will be able to buy TV’s cheaper than the market price.


The main object of a group purchase is the product. It is its detailed description and its price that play the key role in buyer’s decision. A link should be placed on the product page that leads the customer to the purchase page where their can find detailed information about the conditions.


The purchase organizer must describe in free format the conditions, on which the goods will be delivered to buyers, and if the delivery is at buyer’s expense or its price is already included into product price.

Successful purchase finish

The success of the purchase finish is largely dependent on the Stop orders condition which are formulated by the organizer.
Partial collection of funds is not permitted. In case at the time of the purchase stop condition the project has not collected the necessary amount all orders will be automatically cancelled and deposits will be available to buyers on their internal accounts of Funding service (with the possibility to make a transfer to WebMoney purse).
If the project is successfully complete, then all collected funds will be deposited to organizer’s internal account on the Funding service (with the possibility to make a transfer to WebMoney purse).