To project authors

The first step for an author to start a project is to go through the registration procedure within the WebMoney system and place a detailed description of the project. The author may publish several projects simultaneously and there is no cap for the attracted means.

All actions taken in the course of a project must not violate the rights of the third parties and shall comply to the present Law and WebMoney code.


You can attract funding to realize your creative, scientific, manufacturing and other projects. The author must possess all the necessary rights to run the campaign, including rights for intellectual property. Rewards to the project’s contributors and the procedure to obtain them must be unambiguously defined in the project description.


The author must describe in full the purpose statement of the campaign and its realization mechanisms. The information regarding the third parties may be deployed at their consent.

Group purchases

The organizers can create any group purchases for any goods or services allowed for the given territory. The organizer takes responsibility for the timely delivery of these products to all members of the group purchase.

Organization of events

The Funding service allows you to organize an event and attract like-minded people, who are ready to buy tickets for the given event. You can organize collection of resources for a music or theatre performance, conduct a conference or a seminar etc. The author of the project or their trustees take the responsibility to resolve all issues connected to the preparation and conduct of the event.