Registrar passport

A Registrar WM-Passport has the highest status compared to other WM-Passports issued to WebMoney Transfer members.
Registrar WM-Passport can be issued only to Persona WM-Passport holders if following requirements are met.

Requirements for Registrar WM-Passport issuance:

  • applicant age must be above 25 years
  • no less than 3 years since receiving of Personal passport
  • business level not less that 100
  • office premises (personal or rent) availiablity, which has open access for applicants to conduct interview and to submit WM-Passport issuane documents
  • personal interview with WM-Passport service representative in Moscow office and "Contract of delegation" acceptance.
  • guarantee deposit in total amount of 3000 WMZ

A Registrar WM-Passport holder can act as an arbitrator of the Arbitration Service.

Before you contact WM-Passport Service Center, you need to read carefully "Contract of Delegation" and "WebMoney Transfer Passport issuance Regulations" (those documents can be found here https://passport.wmtransfer.com/asp/documents.asp). If there are no more questions left, after reading those documents, and the whole point of WM-Passport issuance procedure is clear, you may contact WM-Passport Service Center administrator with query for Registrar WM-Passport issuance, where you need to specify the city where you can provide issuance services. It is necessary to discuss terms of personal meeting with WM-Passport Service administrator beforehand.