WM-Purse (or simply a Purse) is an attribute registered under a WM Identifier which is used for the accounting ... in the WebMoney system can only be stored in purses. Each purse is allocated a registration number and is linked to a WMID. A purse number consists of 12 digits, similar to a WMID registration number but unlike a WMID number it has a letter-prefix which refers to a type of the title units stored in the purse. A purse number for the WMZ, WMR, WME and WMU type of title units respectively may look l ... 74987384, U108374384782. A different type of purse...

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To add funds from WebMoney card(Paymer check) to a WebMoney purse in WM Keeper Standard (Mini), do the following: 1 Go to the "Home" section and click on any WM purse. Click the "Refill" button and cli ... notification: See also: Adding funds from a WM card to a WM purse in WM Keeper WinPro

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To add funds from WebMoney card(Paymer check) to a WebMoney purse in WM Keeper WinPro (Classic), do the following: 1 Log into your WM Keeper WinPro and make sure its status is Online. 2 At “Purses” tab, right mouse click on the top-up purse and press «Add funds» or press the «Ctrl + T ... lly, you will see the following notification:

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See WM purse

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WM Exchanger section of Exchanger service is de ... section allows to perform mutual exchange of WMZ, WMR, WME, WMU, WMB, WMG between purses of WebMoney Transfer members. Each particip ... ons in this section can exchange only within WM purses of his/her WM identifier. For example, upon paying a certain amount for WMZ -> WMR exchange from WMZ purse, after the exchange you will be able to get WMR amount specified in the application only to the purse of the WM identifier, from which you paid ...

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A library for using WebMoney XML interfaces on the .NET platform (WM-API)¶ This article is intended for developer ... e WebMoney.XmlInterfaces library (code name _WM- API_) sufficient for using the library in y ... ying the work with the XML-interfaces of the WMTransfer system. Written in managed C# it is ... a digital signature generation module called WMSignerFX. The latest 1.0 version of the libra ... y.dll Generation of a digital signature. See WMSignerFX. BusinessTools.Logging.dll, log4net. ... dex, EasyPay. Percent Percent value Used for interfaces Phone Phone number Fo ... assume one of the following values: Paymer, WMnote, Check. Purse Purse Data structure, consists of a PurseType value (the type of purse: Z, E, R, U, B, Y, G, D, C) and a ulong value (...

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Irrelevant due to refusal of using .pwm files since WM Keeper WinPro version. All data is kept in .sdf files instead. The purse file contains the purse transaction history and the internal mail hi ... ity of this file is not critical for running WM Keeper WinPro: if you don’t have it, the program is able to create it again at the startup. If the purse file is lost, you will be displayed the foll ... as it is not stored at our server. Note! The purse file is encrypted with usage of the actual key file *.kwm. After changing the key file, all copies of the purse file encrypted with it become invalid and sh ... st created, you can see it at

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System participants can use WM-purses of different types depending on their WM-passport type and their country of residence. Alias passport owners have rights to create WMZ and WMG purses as well as purses for digital units corresponding with the currency of their country of residence (WMR, WMU, WMK or WMV), but excluding WMB and WME. Formal passport owners, who undergo verifi ... r, in addition will receive rights to create purses for digital units of any type: WME, WMR, WMU, WMK, WM...

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WM Keeper WebPro (Light) can be registered only by registered users with valid WMID's (accounts) in the WebMoney system. Therefore, purses in WM Keeper WebPro (Light) are added with the hel ... of the window) and log in using the primary WM Keeper that you use for your previously registered WMID. Once done, click the “Select” button in t ... ction. In the list of available software for WM purse management, select the following option: Register WM Keeper WebPro using a digital certificate. 2 ... the certificate is installed, you will get a WM identifier (WMID) used to log in to the system. Memorize, or better write down your WMID and keep it in a safe location. 5 To insta ... window/tab. After thatm go to https://light....

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WebMoney Keeper Standard has a built-in, auto ... funds. To make such an exchange: 1 Login to WM Keeper Standard Go to the "Home" section and click on any WM purse. Choose the "Exchange Funds" tab a ... ful, you will receive the notification below:

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Click Log In on the WebMoney website homepage ... captcha and click Enter. When you log in to WM Keeper Standard (Mini) for the first time, y ... ny operations, you need to create e-wallets (WM Purses). To create a purse, click on Create a purse. Select a type of the WM Purse you would like to create. Accept the Terms o ... lick Continue. You will see a message that a WM Purse has been created successfully, Or you may see a message saying that you need to apply for a WM-passport of a higher type or provide additional information about you. You can also create WM purses of other types of currencies, to add a new purse click "+" in the Your Purse...

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What is it?¶ It is another WebMoney Keeper, n ... ile devices with greater convenience; to see purse balances; to add purse funds with a WM card (Paymer check); to transfer WM; to issue and pay invoices; to see recent tr ... n stores that use; to transfer WM to a WebMoney ATM card; to exchange WM for WM; to secure messaging. How secure is it?¶ WM Keeper Standard (Mini) will help you securely manage only the purses you enable in this software. Note: You can ... y, weekly, or monthly) limit for the trusted purse, i.e., the maximum sum you can transfer from ... Standard A screenshot of the new version of WM Keeper Standard (Mini) is presented below. If the settings in WM Keeper Standard (Mini) Interface - Main menu set Bookmarks on the left, the interface of ...

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WM Keeper Facebook is a special edition of WM Keeper for managing WebMoney purses from within Facebook. With the WM Keeper Facebook application you can: Link your existing purses to your social network account or Register a new WMID WM Keeper Facebook enables you to do the following: View your purse balance Top-up your purse with a WM card (Paymer check) Top-up your purse from your mobile phone account (Russian mobile operators only) Top-up your purse with your bank card online Transfer funds to other users of the WebMoney Transfer system Transfer WM to the linked ATM Cards, bank accounts and w ... and so on Create payment templates Exchange WM for ...

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Payment link allows to make a payment (pay for a product or fund WM purse via Merchant WebMoney Transfer service ( Payment can be made in several ways. Payment from WebMoney-purse is available for any member of the WebMoney ... rsonal passport. To create a payment link in WM Keeper Standard you should: 1. Log in to WM Keeper Standard 2. Choose the "Home&quo ... link to the payer using a convenient method: WM-message, e-mail, WhatsApp, Viber, SMS etc. 5. You will also receive a WM-message containing the information about the ... s Payment methods in WebMoney Transfer System

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To view the number of the WM purse you created in WM Keeper Standard (Mini), do the following: 1. Log in to WM Keeper Standard (Mini). To do this, follow t ... click "Login 2. Then enter your login (WMID number, email or phone number) and password. 3. On the purse card you will see its number and balance. See also: How to create a new purse in WebMoney Keeper Standard

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WM Keeper Vkontakte is a special version of WM Keeper intended for managing WebMoney purses from the social network Vkontakte. The WM Keeper Vkontakte application allows to: add an existing purses to your account in a social network or register a new WMID; WM Keeper Vkontakte provides the following features: see purse balances; add purse funds with a WM card (Paymer check); add purse funds from user`s mobile phone (only Russian mobile operators); add purse funds online from Bank Card; transfer WM to other members of the WebMoney Transfer System; transfer WM to attached ATM card, bank accounts, wallets ... s, etc.); create payment templates; exchange ...

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If you already are a user of WM Keeper WinPro (Classic), WM Keeper WebPro (Light) or WM Keeper Standard (Mini) but you require an easy and convenient way to access some of your purses from your mobile phone, communicator or PDA you can connect to your WMID using simple and a secure WM Keeper Mobile. To do so you need to perform ... not depend on the Keeper you currently use - WM Keeper WinPro (Classic), WM Keeper WebPro (Light) or WM Keeper Standard (Mini). 1 Go to the Operatio ... button in the MOBILE section. Then go to the WM Keeper Mobile installation and registration page. Select version of the WM Keeper Mobile application and download optio ... for a reply from WebMoney Transfer with the WM Keeper Mobile master code. Save and store th ... o not disclose it to third-parties. 3 Launch ...

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WM_Keeper_WinPro_history (09/16/2019) (08/27/2019)3.9 ... oneyInvoice issue windowFunds transfer windowWM chatContact listMiscellaneous (02/08 ... nfirmation dialogExchange wizardTop-up wizardWM chatFixes and improvements (05/31/20 ... confirmationChanges in funds transfer dialogWM chatMain window WebMoney Keeper WinPro 3.9.1 ... included in the installation!Improvements in WM chat window:Improved Cards.WebMoney integrat ... tant notice! (09/16/2019)¶ improved WMP purse support. (08/27/2019)¶ WMP purse added; display the time of the last contact ... ilability of canceling (transfer to archive) purses with zero balance Chat: Improved support fo ... address” item in the context menu of X, L, H purses for the quick redirection to the website of ... 018)¶ New features and program improvements¶ ...

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Even if you already use WM Keeper WinPro (Classic), WM Keeper WebPro (Light) or WM Keeper Mobile, you may still require easy and convenient access to your purses in cases such as the following: you can not launch the main WM Keeper; you are working on a public computer ... om a mobile device; you want to control your purse and track messages in WM chat even when on the road. For such cases you can add to your WMID a simple and secure WM Keeper Standard (Mini). A necessary condition for connecting WM Keeper Standard is the presence of additiona ... Keeper you use at this moment, whether it be WM Keeper WinPro (Classic), WM Keeper WebPro (Light) or WM Keeper Mobile. 1 Go to the page Operation mo ... Then click the "Add" button in the ...

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General tabMore tabSecurity tabPermissions ta ... quot;Settings" item in the main menu of WM Keeper WinPro. Available options are grouped ... amp; Drop mode. General tab¶ Always on top - WM Keeper WinPro window will always be displaye ... n system tray - notify about new events with WM Keeper tray icon animation. until event in I ... ent is in the "Incoming" folder of WM Keeper WinPro (Classic). The event can be re ... ssage, transaction, invoice) even if the the WM Keeper WinPro (Classic) applicaiotn isn&#x27 ... rrespondents list those correspondents whose WM Keeper isn't launched or who didn' ... s of the tabs next to icons (correspondents, purses etc) in the main WM Keeper WinPro (Classic) window. Request conf ... en closing dialogs and exiting the program - WM Keeper WinPro (Classic) will request to conf ... ning the chat. Notify about new mail at mail....

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