Withdrawing to Sberbank card

To transfer funds to bank card issued by Sberbank, you have to do the following:

1 Find out in a bank office account number, to which the card is attached, and also details of this bank. Then you have to make a transfer to this current account.

2 To be able to transfer funds to current account in Sberbank, you need to obtain personal or higher passport, or get formal passport and upload photo copies of necessary pages of your passport to Verification Center web-site. If you have an initial or higher passport, you can skip the next step.

3 Formal passport has the same fields as personal does, but it is filled in at the web-site and is not verified by a verification officer. You can obtain formal passport here (the sequence of actions for filling in personal data you can see in the demo video for receiving a formal passport). After you get formal passport, you need to upload to Verification Center web-site photo copies of significant pages of your passport, and the certificate for obtaining a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN). You can upload documents to the server at Verification Center page. After this Verification Center officers will verify the reliability of the specified information (on matters connected with documents verification contact duly authorized company - +7-495-727-2007).

4 Then you need to read the instructions for filling in details when transferring WMR to bank. After this, on the payment request page you need to specify all details required for the transfer. At the same time, for your convenience bank details are inserted by BIN (use arrows to the right of this field).

5 After you press the "Submit payment request" agree to "Securities Sales/Purchase Agreement" you will get the invoice, which you need to pay from the authorized R-purse. The funds transferred by you will arrive to bank's account withing several days after the moment of payment. You can check the status of processing of your request on the corresponding page of WebMoney WMR Banking service.