Web Merchant Interface - Acceptance of payments through an Internet-bank

Payment acceptance through an Internet-bank in Web Merchant Interface

Activating this option in the Merchant WebMoney settings lets you accept payments from customers who are NOT clients of WebMoney Transfer in automatic mode by posting a bill in the Internet-bank. For the seller, these payments are accepted in the same way as payments from clients through a WebMoney purse, with a few exceptions that are listed below.

From the customer's standpoint payment through the Internet-bank occurs this way:

  • in the process of making a purchase on the seller's site, when the customer reaches the stage of selecting the payment method, they select WebMoney and presses on the button for sending the payment form which takes them to the Merchant.WebMoney site;
  • next on the Merchant.WebMoney site, the customer selects "Internet-bank" as the payment method and is redirected to a login page;
    (The payment form can be configured so the payer will be IMMEDIATELY taken to the option to pay through the Internet-bank without making an intermediate choice. It is useful to configure the form this way if the merchant's site has special instructions and a separate button to pay through the Internet-bank);
  • after successfully logging in from your Internet-bank and email address (which it is necessary to receive notifications and instructions on the payment procedure), a bill is generated and the customer is redirected to the Internet bank's site to pay the posted bill;
  • in the Internet-bank the customer selects the necessary bill and presses "Pay" which causes funds to be reserved (held) in the Bank account, and the customer receives an email with instructions on finishing the payment.
  • by following the link received in the email the customer finishes the payment, and funds are deducted from his Bank account and transferred to the seller;
  • to finish the payment process, just like when making a regular payment through WM Keeper, the customer is redirected to a page that notifies them of whether the payment went through successfully on the merchant's site or if it was declined.

To activate the option of accepting WebMoney through the Internet-bank, sellers have to send a request to connect their store to The request will be reviewed by the system and the bank which will take up to 10 business days. The seller is notified of the result by e-mail. You can view the result by going to and on the settings page for the selected R-purse, you can view the status of "Acceptance of payments through the Alpha-Click Internet-bank, Russian Standard, or Telebank VTB24. If this payment option is activated it is available.

For sellers working through the processing service to activate this option you should contact the manager of the company with which you signed a contract.
For sellers using Capitaller, to activate this option, the BA administrator must write anemail to from a WMID_БА address (you can log in with the BA WMID at the link
This option of payment acceptance is not available to:

  1. Payment integrators who accept payments for third persons;
  2. Financial services, exchange services, or sellers of any financial tools;

When activating this option it is very important to provide a correct description of the payment procedure through the Internet-bank on the seller's site. When placing the payment form on the site it is not enough to leave everything the same way it was when funds were accepted from the clients' WebMoney purses. You have to highlight this point separately and create your own description of the procedure on the store's site, including your own screenshots to make sure the customer understands how to make a payment through the Internet-bank. If this option is highlighted and described separately on the seller's site the audience of payers can be significantly increased.

It is necessary to notify the customer about the time period allotted by the seller to pay for the product ordered through this method.

If the customer selected the option of paying through the Internet-bank on the seller's site they can be immediately redirected to the corresponding payment method. This is done by entering the value at=authtype_18 in the GET parameter of the payment form. When sending the payment form at the URL the customer will not have to choose the Internet-bank payment option and will be able to make the payment right away.

Important technical points:

  • Payments can only be accepted in WMR purses, and bills are only posted in the bank for residents of the RF and only to ruble operating accounts;
  • For this option in the preliminary request and in the result URL all of the standard parameters of Web Merchant Interface the seller also receives the LMI_SDP_TYPE parameter and its values for various Internet-banks:
    • LMI_SDP_TYPE=3 - Alpha-Click Internet Bank
    • LMI_SDP_TYPE=5 - Russian Standard Internet Bank
    • LMI_SDP_TYPE=6 - VTB24 Internet Bank

(for details see detailed management );

  • Using this option a payment to the seller's purse ALWAYS arrives with the WMID#352843912608 from the WMR purse of this ID:
    • R284224389055 - Alpha-Click
    • R397479710264 - VTB24
    • R270097629003 - Russian Standard Bank
  • All notifications about payments, formats of transferring information and etc. remain unchangeable just as if the payment were being made from the client's WM Keeper WinPro or Light, and in exactly the same way, notifications about the payment (its result - success or failure) also contain the WM ID and WM purse. The only difference is that instead of the client's ID and purse, the ID and purse displayed are the system's, specified above;
  • the preliminary and final requests to the seller's Result URL occur at different times (unlike the online process when making payments through WebMoney Keeper).
    The preliminary request (the preliminary request form) is sent when the user presses the button "Pay through the Internet-bank" on the Merchant.WebMoney site.
    The notification about the payment form is sent after the user has completely finished the payment (i.e., the user finished making their actions in the Internet-bankand is returned to the Merchant.WebMoney site through a special link sent by email, pressed "Confirm payment", and the system deducted the funds and transferred them to the seller).
    These two events may be separated by a time period ranging from several seconds to several hours or even days. Thus this payment option is not suitable for sellers with short-term trading accounts, whose products or services might go off the market (for example, airplane and railway tickets) or whose prices change quickly (for example when the price depends on the fluctuation of exchange rates).
  • The note for the payment specified by the seller starts with the phrase “Payment N: XXX / XXXX by the example of check N: YYY from ZZZ is cleared. InvoiceID: XXX”, where XXX is the account number, YYY is the unique payment number in the Merchant.Webmoney system, and ZZZ is the data;
  • the process of making a payment through the Internet-bank is asynchronous which means that the customer can close their browser at any stage and return to the payment later;
  • the validity period for the bill posted in the Internet-bank is 7 days. When this period runs out, the bill is considered unpaid and its payment cannot be restored.
  • the commission for using this payment method is less than 2.5% and is paid by the user (it is included in the total amount of the bill posted in the Internet-bank).

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