WebMoney Settlements

WebMoney Settlements provides online businesses (Merchants and Agents) with an optimal business solution for sending funds to clients and partners who are members of the WebMoney Transfer system. The service does not require the installation or registration of WebMoney Keeper software. A service account, set-up in the name of your company, will allow you to authorize payments to be sent to your clients. The account incorporates a unique WMID, a Z-purse and an E-purse. Deposits to your purses can be made by standard wire transfer from your corporate bank account.


  • Commission-free payments WebMoney Transfer’s standard commission of 0.8% is not charged on payments made via WebMoney Settlements.
  • Fixed commission of 1% for each deposit. Additional bank wire charges may be applicable if payments are sent under SHA. Please consult your bank for exact correspondent bank charges.
  • SMS-based authorization To log in to the service simply enter your phone number and wait a few moments for your access PIN to arrive by SMS. Several phone numbers can be assigned to a single account allowing multiple employees from your company to use the service.
  • Masspayment support For large batch payments a simple-format CSV file can be uploaded to the service.
  • Custom API Custom API provides financial institutions and system agents with a complete set of tools and methods for adding WebMoney payments to their list of financial products and services.
  • Accounting statements The service account provides the necessary information for accounting reconciliation, including: current balances, deposits, service fees and payments.
  • Transfer of funds between service purses If you already use the WebMoney Processing service you can use your funds to top-up WebMoney Settlements service purses.


There are four steps to integrating the service: registration, evaluation, signing, and deposit.

1 To register for the service please fill out the registration form
Please include all the relevant information about your company and attach scans of the required documents.

2 Once we have received your application a client manager will review the submitted documents for accuracy and consistency. Depending upon the nature of your commercial activity additional information may be required before your application can be completed.

3 Your client manager will prepare a draft of the framework service agreement for your review. If the contract is accepted, the parties exchange signed copies. The service account is activated upon receipt of the signed contract.

4 The contract will include the payment details required for making deposits to your service account. Upon receipt of funds your service account will be credited to the amount of the received funds, minus service commissions. The service account will now be ready for making single or multiple payments.

Should you have any questions please email us on

Login to service account

  1. To log in to the service users require an access PIN which is sent to them via an SMS. Multiple users may be granted access to the service. A list of users should be specified in the framework agreement. To access the service, enter your phone number on the login page.
  2. Please wait for an SMS containing your PIN to be delivered. Delivery time may vary depending on your telecommunication service provider. If you do not receive an SMS please do not attempt to resend the PIN. Contact customer support to find out whether a different number from an alternative provider can be assigned to your account.
  3. When you receive your PIN please enter it into the additional field that will appear in the field below. A session number may be used to verify the validity of your PIN.