WebMoney Letters service

WebMoney Letters service is designed to create and send regular letters to any country of the world. Your location doesn't matter for the possibility of sending such a letter. Also, you don't need an envelope, postage stamps, paper and a pen - being a WebMoney member connected to the Internet is enough.

It costs 0.48 WMZ to send a letter within Russia, and 0.95 WMZ for other countries.

To use the WebMoney Letters service you should log in on the https://letters.wmtransfer.com website and proceed to the "Write a letter" section.

Write a letter that should be no longer than 64 lines and then fill in the postal address details in accordance with the format.

Check the contents of your letter and the correctness of the address and save the letter.

To send the letter you should click "Send" and pay the rated delivery fee.

Website: https://letters.wmtransfer.com