WM Keeper Vkontakte

WM Keeper Vkontakte is a special version of WM Keeper intended for managing WebMoney purses from the social network Vkontakte. The WM Keeper Vkontakte application allows to:

  • add an existing purses to your account in a social network or
  • register a new WMID;

WM Keeper Vkontakte provides the following features:

  • see purse balances;
  • add purse funds with a WM card (Paymer check);
  • add purse funds online from Bank Card;
  • transfer WM to other members of the WebMoney Transfer System;
  • issue and pay invoices;
  • see recent transactions;
  • pay for services (mobile communications, Internet, online games, etc.);
  • create payment templates;
  • exchange WM for WM;
  • send messages to other members of the WebMoney Transfer System;
  • log in to the app using pin code;
  • view events in Events.WebMoney, WebMoney Files and WebMoney Mail;
  • obtain a formal certificate without log out the app.

The app is available at https://vk.com/app667178 and it works in browsers: Internet Explorer version 10 and higher, Mozilla FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and others.