WME WMZ processing service

The Processing Service is a special solution developed for companies who prefer to use a convenient agent-based model that simplifies bookkeeping and does not require registration on WebMoney. As part of the agent-based model WebMoney acts as your payment acceptance agent. We accept client payments made out to you and then transfer the funds to your bank account. In addition we will provide periodic statements to agent-based users that arrive in both electronic and e-mail form. Payment notifications are sent to you in real time after a payment is made.

Once the Processing Agreement is concluded there is no need for the merchant to keep track of WMZ/WME units received from Customers, to obtain a WebMoney passport, or to submit their website to the MegaStock catalogue. As part of the service of this account we will take care of all of these items for you.

For providing these services, WebMoney charges an agent’s commission. The WebMoney representative’s commission for the acceptance of payments is as follows:

Total sum of payments received Commission to WebMoney Representative
< 20,000 US dollars/Euro per month 2.5% per payment
>= 20,000 US dollars/Euro per month 2% per payment

The settlement period is set according to the Merchant’s preference. The following settlement periods are available: daily, weekly and monthly. In addition the Merchant can specify a minimum withdrawal amount. If the total amount of funds received for the current settlement period is less than the minimum withdrawal amount then the withdrawal of funds is postponed until the next settlement period. Each withdrawal is subject to the following wire fees:

Currency Fee

If you already use WebMoney Settlements you can load funds into your purse from the WebMoney Processing service purse.


1 A merchant representative submits a registration application on the service website .
The registration process includes the following steps:
1.1. Select a currency for payments (USD or Euro). A separate agreement must be concluded for each currency.
1.2. Upload scanned copies of the necessary documents (such as the certificate of incorporation, a document confirming the company’s legal address and powers of the signatory party to the agreement, etc.) and submit all the required information about the company.
1.3. Provide us with the details of the bank account to which funds will be transferred.
1.4. Provide the trade name (which will be used to submit the project to the MegaStock catalogue), the URL of the website, a description of the services rendered or products offered, the keywords that will be used to search for your website in the catalogue and select the product/service category that your website falls into(this information will also be used to submit the website to the MegaStock catalogue).
1.5. Fill in the contact details of the person who will have access to the Merchant Personal Account Centre: full name, phone number, e-mail address (please be aware that this email will be used to log into the Merchant Personal Account Centre).

2 An email with a link to the Personal Account Centre and an automatically generated password will be sent to the address provided by you during the registration.

3 Upon receiving your application the WebMoney marketing team will process it, prepare agreements and other documents to be signed and contact you as soon as possible.

Upon receiving a scanned copy of the agreement signed by the Merchant we will create a purse that will be used to receive payments from WebMoney users. Once the purse is created the Merchant will have access to the Personal Account Centre. 4 The merchant’s IT managers shall implement the Payment Processing Interface . The Payment Interface is very easy to set up and requires no special technical knowledge — you will be given a special code to embed in your website code. The Payment Interface allows customers to return easily to your website after they have paid for your goods or services. A detailed notification will be sent to you immediately after each payment is made.

5 The next step is to test the Payment Interface. Once it has been tested successfully and we have received the original versions of the signed agreements the service will become operational.

Should you have any questions please e-mail us at .