For the purpose of communication between WebMoney members there is a special service for confidential messaging called WM-chat. All conversations with contractors about forthcoming transactions or purchases should preferably be held in WM-chat.

First of all, thus you know with whom you communicate. Secondly, in WM-chat all messages are sent through the Internet encrypted and tap-proof.

WM-chat is available to users of:

WM Keeper WinPro
WM Keeper WebPro
WM Keeper Standard

WM chat in WM Keeper WinPro

If the user is online he will receive the message immediately. Otherwise the message will be delivered as soon as he gets online and launches his WM Keeper. So the message cannot be lost in any case.

If the recipient of the message is currently offline, it will be offered to send the text via SMS (this function is available for WM Keeper WinPro users and can be disabled in WM-chat settings).

WM Keeper WinPro WM-chat window looks as follows:

WM Keeper WinPro WM-chat menu includes the following functions:

Chat settings:

- Messages history

- Send messages to several correspondents

- Insert quote

- Search

- Font types

- Send file

- Send SMS

- Set a task

- Video call

- Dossier on

To send a message to a correspondent from the main menu of WM Keeper WinPro, click on “Menu” – “Messages” – “New” and type the correspondent’s WMID.

To send a message from WM Keeper WinPro correspondents list right-click on the correspondent, to whom you want to send a message, and choose “Send message” in the menu.

Appositely, in WM Keeper WinPro there can be opened several dialogues with different correspondents at once, which is very convenient.

WM chat in WM Keeper WebPro

WM Keeper WebPro WM-chat windows looks as follows:

To send messages via WM-chat in WM Keeper WebPro (Light) the following should be done:

In the menu choose “Correspondents”. In the context menu left-click opposite to the correspondent, to whom you want to send a message, and choose “Add to chat”

Click on the icon to enter the chat

Enter the text and click “Send”

WM chat in WM Keeper Standard

The option of confidential correspondence between WebMoney members is implemented in WM Keeper Standard as well. To use it you should choose a correspondent in the contact list and click on “Send message” item.

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