WIRE Exchanger

The wire.exchanger section of Exchanger service is designed for the guaranteed mutual exchange of WMZ, WMR, WME into USD (US dollars), RUR (Russian rubles), EUR (euro) and UAH (hryvnias) correspondingly.

The exchange is carried out between two users of WebMoney Transfer system by making by one of the participants of the transaction a bank transfer to the account of the other participant and transferring WM title units from the purse of the second participant to WM purse of the first participant.

To guarantee a successful exchange the service charges an insurance fee at the rate of not less than 2% from the amount of the transaction which is returned to the participants of the exchange right after it successfully finishes. Besides, the process of making the transaction is supervised by the administrator of WIRE Exchanger service.

The exchange is carried out without charging any fee under the conditions defined when submitting a request for an exchange. The WebMoney Transfer system charges only a fee (0.8%) for collecting the amount of the transaction from the participant-recipient and charging the insurance fee from both participants of the exchange. The minimum sum of an exchange is 10 WebMoney title units (WMZ, WMR, WME).

Only those WebMoney Transfer users can perform operations in this section, who have formal (or higher) passport and a personal (current) bank account.

The general procedure of exchange operations in the WIRE Exchanger section is described in the following instructions: