Verification of the phone number during the registration

When registering in the WebMoney Transfer system each user is asked to validate the number of their mobile phone they specified during registration. The number is validated by means of a telephone call (SMS) sent to the phone number specified during registration. The telephone call (SMS) contains a special 4-digit code.

To successfully complete the validation process it is required to specify the phone number in international format with the country code, code of mobile operator and user’s phone number.

For example: 79222121111, where 7 – country code, 911 – operator code and 2121111 – user’s phone number

If you still can not complete the mobile phone number validation process, we advise you to consult technical support service. To do this, create a ticket to WM Technical Support stating the following information:

Number of the mobile phone that belongs to you and name of your mobile operator.

State the following as the subject of your message: “System Registration. Problem with phone number validation”. Each help call will be considered.