Uploading documents to the Verification Centre

Uploading scanned copies of documents and having them verified by specialists at the Verification Centre is done in order to:

To upload a document do the following:

1 Log into the Verification Centre site

2 Choose the "Control panel" -> "Document upload" and press "Upload new document".

3 Next press "Browse".

4 Select the necessary file in the dialogue box that appears and press "Open".

Only COLOR copies are accepted.
The list of supported formats and the maximum file size restrictions are as follows:

5 Next, press "Upload file".

6 Enter the name of the document and the purpose of uploading the file.

7 If the upload is successful, you will receive the following notification:

8 After uploading the files, all of the files you uploaded will appear in the "Control panel" -> "List of documents."

9 Once your documents are verified, they will be marked in green and have the sign

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