Troubleshooting while renewing your personal certificate with Internet Explorer

If the process of generating the personal certificate for your WMID in Internet Explorer hangs up with a message "This certificate is being installed....."

You can get the certificate as follows: 1 Launch the MMC console by clicking on "Start" and typing "mmc" in the search filed

The console will be launched

2 After launching the console click on "add snap-ins" item

3 Choose the "Certificates" item and add it

4 Then you need to proceed to the "Сertificate Enrollments Requests" section and make sure that the requests for certificates are saved

5 You need to contact WebMoney Technical Support and request the public part of your certificate (make a screenshot of the "Сertificate Enrollments Requests" section and attach it to the request)

6 After receiving the public part of the certificate (*.cer file) you have to import it

In the Certificate Import WIzard choose the file sent to you by the Technical Support

After having imported the public part your personal certificate is ready for export to a file.

You have to export this certificate to a file, and after that you will be able to install to the browser you wish to launch WM Keeper WebPro in.

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