Transaction confirmation in WM Keeper WinPro

To make your payments from WM Keeper WinPro (Classic) safe and secured, you can use E-num confirmation of transactions.

This article describes the following confirmation options:

I. What confirmation options are available in WM Keeper WinPro (Classic)

At the moment WebMoney users can enjoy the following options to confirm transactions:

  • Captcha (or typing a special code you can see in the emage). This option is used by default.

  • E-num confirmation in the "Payment" mode

  • E-num confirmation in the "Confirmation" mode

II. How to enable E-num confirmation of transactions

To enable E-num confirmation of transactions, please go to the WebMoney Security website

1 Go to the Security website, log by using your WMID. Choose "Confirmation" tab and click "Add" next to "E-num".

2 Then click "Enable E-num confirmation" button.

3 Click on "Request the Challenge"

4 Start the E-num client in your mobile phone or smart phone, select "Authorization" and type the challenge value from the website. You can also read Challenge value using QR-code scanner embedded in E-num client. Then type the response value from the phone on the security website. Click "Authorize" button.

5 Once the operation is successfully completed, you will receive the following notice.

Restart your WM Keeper for changes to take affect.

III. How to use E-num confirmation of transactions

Confirmation of transactions and operations (payments, invoices, adding contacts, etc) in WM Keeper WinPro (Classic) looks as follows:

1 Log into WM Keeper WinPro (Classic) and wait till it is online and connected to the certification server. Right-click on the selected purse and click "Send WM". Type the amount, recipient’s wallet and click "Next"

2 Check the recipient’s details and click "Next" and select the confirmation method

3 If you want to use the challenge-response, launch the E-num client on your smartphone or tablet, select "Confirmation" or "Payment" (depending on the option that is enabled) and enter a challenge value from WM Keeper WinPro (Classic). Having received a response value, type it in the Response Value field in WM Keeper.

In the confirmation dialogue you can see a QR code (click it to enlarge), this code contains transaction parameters encoded.

E-num clients can read QR codes or you can use different programs to read them.


4 After the funds are successfully transferred you’ll be offered to disable the E-num confirmation for this WMID

You can enable the E-num confirmation again any time you want. Click “Contacts”. Next click “сontext menu”-“Contact`s properties”, tab “Restrictions”, enable the required option.

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