Tariffs and restrictions of WebMoney Check service

No fee is charged when paying with Check on WebMoney Merchant.

No fee is charged when transferring funds from a Check to your WM-purse.

Funds can only be transferred to a WM-purse which belongs to you. In order to fulfil this condition the WM.Check account number is compared with the mobile phone number specified in the passport of your WMID when you transfer funds to a WM-purse.

While transferring from WebMoney Check to a mobile phone account, the sender and the recipient get SMS. Thus the sender pays the 0.8% fee but it does not exceed the limits which depend on the purse type:

Currency Min Max
WMR 0.80 1500
WMU 0.25 400
WMZ 0.03 50
WME 0.02 40

Depending on the purse type there are limits for WebMoney check members:

Currency Limitation
WMR 15000
WMU 4000
WMZ 500
WME 400

If the amount on the WebMoney Check balance exceeds the restriction, member cannot transfer funds by Check: transfer to mobile phone or WM-purse is not available from the account with a passport status lower than personal.

In case of exceeding the limit of the WebMoney Check balance it is only possible to:

  • transfer WebMoney to a merchant via the WebMoney.Merchant service (payment for goods and services)
  • transfer to a WebMoney purse for members with personal (or higher) passport. The WebMoney Check account number is compared with the mobile phone number specified in the passport of your WMID.

The limitation for an operation with WebMoney Check in WMR is set at 15,000 WMR per day.

If the check cannot be activated or credited, the possibility of a refund will be provided
within 30 days from the issuance of the check on the condition that the check has never been used. To clarify the
conditions of returning funds, the sender should create an application to with a statement on the return of the payment (arbitrary shape).

To find a WMU payment the sender must create an application for a payment investigation with service support on the page (only Russian or Ukraine)