TELEPAT service (

This service is designed for making transactions between phone users in real time. The service uses the E-purses (see WM purse) of the WebMoney Transfer system for storing and transferring means. Service users manage the purses by mobile or landline phones.

TELEPAT offers two different interfaces for managing your means - voice menu and WM Keeper Mobile (mobile analog of WebMoney client program). After choosing any interface option you will be able to make any payment transactions with electronic purses - receive money transfers from other users, pay for goods and services, settle accounts with your partners, add funds to your purses, and exchange the received means to cash.

To use the voice menu you need to register and receive the master-code. Then dial +7 (495) 363-22-33 and in tonal mode choose "Access to account" option. Enter your phone number, PIN code and master-code received during registration. After this your phone will be added to the list of phones serviced by TELEPAT and you will get access to the transactions menu.

To use the WM Keeper Mobile program you have to install midlet (java-application) on your phone by downloading it from the WAP-site ( or downloading the archive to install it from your PC. After the successful installation of the midlet, you need to register to activate it and receive master-code.

All transactions are made in direct access mode - round-the-clock and every day. The auto-operator program keeps records of fund flows, which excludes possibilities of errors or delays in transfer execution irrespective of the location of the sender and the recipient of means.

This service does not charge any fee for registration and usage of the service interfaces of means management.

Adding funds to purses managed via the TELEPAT service

To add funds to purses managed via TELEPAT service you can use practically all ways of adding funds available in WebMoney system.

See also Master-code and PIN-code