Saving keys to the E-num storage using WM Keeper WinPro

To use E-num authorization for logging in to your WebMoney account through WM Keeper WinPro (Classic) or updating E-num information (for instance, after setting a new login password or changing keys), you need to upload your WMID keys to the E-num service.

Launch WM Keeper WinPro, log in to your WMID and wait for the Keeper to connect and change its status to Online. Open the security settings page (Tools – Program parameters - Security tab) and click Modify opposite the keys storage location selector (see the figure below).

Select E-num Storage and a preferred E-num authorization method: Challenge-Response via SMS, Challenge-Response using a client application or fingerprint identification. Enter the email address used for registering your account in the E-num service - that's where your keys will be saved to. By default, the system uses the e-mail specified as the contact email address in your WMID certificate.

Complete E-num authorization - for instance, using an SMS message. Once you enter a response number and the system authorized you, your keys will be saved to the E-num Storage.

NOTE! One Keeper WinPro WMID can be stored in one E-num account only and you cannot change this account. One E-num account can store keys of one Keeper WinPro WMID only. Therefore, if you lose any details of your E-num account, you will need to restore access to this data.

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