SMS Sender

SMS Sender is a service for sending and receiving SMS messages. Payment is made using WebMoney.

Payment is made before a message is sent to the recipient. If the message was not sent to the recipient the cost of the message is credited in its entirety to your internal SMS Sender balance. This amount can be used in the future to send messages.
The cost of sending one message is 0.05 WMZ or 1.5 WMR.

It is possible to receive a message by internal WMT mail on the receipt of an SMS containing your WMID. In order to send a message to WebMoney Keeper send a SMS of the following form to the number +7-926-2898780 or +7-916-4613307:
1#WMID*message text
where "WMID" is the recipient's WMID,
for example:
1#12345678990*message text

For all questions concerning this service write to
The service's website is

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