SDP Exchanger

The SDP Exchanger section on the Exchanger service is for the exchange of WebMoney title units for the corresponding currency equivalent which is sent through one of the following money transfer systems: CONTACT, WESTERN UNION, UNISTREAM, Золотая корона и MoneyGram.

The exchange is made between two WMT users: one of the participants to the transaction sends a money transfer to the other party, and the second participant transfers WM title units from their WM purse to a WM purse belonging to the first participant.

To guarantee the successful execution of the exchange the service requires a guarantee payment in the amount of not less than 2% of the amount of the transaction; it is returned to the transaction participants after the transaction is successfully completed. Additionally, the transaction process is monitored by the Cash Exchanger service administrator.

The exchange is made without the taking of a commission on the terms stated when posting an exchange offer. Only the WebMoney Transfer system commission (0.8%) is withheld from the recipient of the amount of the transaction, and the guarantee payment from both exchange participants.

The exchange of title units into the corresponding currency equivalent is made in accordance with legislation and the rules established by the money transfer systems CONTACT, WESTERN UNION, UNISTREAM, Золотая корона и MoneyGram. Moreover, these rules are not fully implemented on SDP Exchanger (for example restrictions on the transfer amount, currency controls and the like). The responsibility for the successful transfer of funds is with the user making it.

Operations in the section can only be made by WebMoney Transfer users who have a formal passport or higher.

The section works as follows:

1 The first participant posts an exchange offer. If this is the recipient of the money transfer, then besides the exchange terms and contact information, the participant gives their bank details (first and last name, city of residence and other information required by the money transfer system). The poster's contact information (WMID, email address, phone number) are accessible only to the administrator of the service and the author of the counteroffer after making the issuance payment. After the WM purse balance is successfully verified the offer is publicized in the current exchange list. Starting at the moment the balance is verified, and until the exchange is finished the amount of WebMoney title units on the given purse should not fall below: the amount of the guarantee payment (for the sender), the amount of the exchange plus guarantee payment (for the recipient).

2 The second participant wishing to complete the exchange posts a counteroffer agreeing to the terms indicated in the proposal it has chosen. If the counteroffer is successfully posted, WebMoney title units are automatically transferred in accordance with the terms of the exchange to a special WM purse for the Cash Exchanger section: the sender pays the amount of the guarantee payment, while the recipient pays for the amount of the exchange and the guarantee payment. Both parties to the deal are notified of the beginning of the exchange by email and by internal WM mail. The sender is informed of the information for the recipient: first and last name, city of residence and more.

3 Then the sender, within the time specified in the chosen offer, should send the transfer through any bank supporting the chosen money transfer system, in accordance with the details for the recipient and use the site at to confirm that the funds have been sent by conveying the money transfer's ID number. The recipient receives notification that the transfer was sent by email and by internal WM mail.

4 In the final stage the recipient confirms the receipt of the money transfer on the website. After this, the guarantee payments are returned to both participants, and the sender receives in its WM purse the transaction amount from the special purse belonging to SDP Exchanger. Transfers from the purses belonging to the section are not subject to the WebMoney Transfer commission (0.8%).

Either participant at any time may monitor the progress of the exchange and clarify its current status. This can be viewed using the list of own offers.

Any new offer (but not counteroffer) can be deleted before the moment at which funds are exchanged.

The service administrator monitors the offers published in the list of current offers. If offers not backed up by the corresponding amount of WebMoney title units are found they will be mandatorily recalled and their authors will be deprived of the right to use the service.

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