Registration with WM Keeper WebPro via E-num

WM Keeper WebPro (Light) can be only registered by users who already have a registered WMID (account) in the WebMoney system.

To create new purses in WM Keeper WebPro (Light) (creating a new WMID and associating it with your certificate), you need to complete the re-registration procedure.

This process consists of the following steps:

1 Follow the link and log in using the WM Keeper you usually use to manage your previously registred WMID.

You will then need to click the "Choose" button in the WM Keeper WebPro section.

From the list of suggested software for managing WM-purses select the following:

Registration with WebMoney Keeper WebPro via E-num.

2 Register with E-num

3 Agree to the terms of use, provide your email, select the confirmation option and click "Next"

4 Request E-num authorization in one of the following ways: challenge-response, SMS – use the email registered with E-num.

The challenge-response authorization via SMS looks as follows:

5 Once the authorization is completed, you will receive a WebMoney ID (WMID) that is required to log into the system. Write it down.

6 Go to WebMoney Keeper WebPro, select E-num authorization. Enter the e-mail, you provided during your registration with E-num service, select the authorization method.

7 Use E-num to authorize by the selected method

To launch WM Keeper WebPro again, you can use the “Login” link on the main page at

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