For initial registration with the WebMoney system, you will need to provide reliable information about yourself and other personal information. After the initial registration is completed, you will be allocated with WM Keeper Standard (Mini) e-wallets (purses).
You can get access to WM Keeper of other types, WM Keeper WinPro (Classic), WebPro (Light) or Mobile by:

The registration process with the WebMoney System is comprised of four stages:

1 Log in to the WebMoney website, and click Sign Up

Choose your country calling code, enter your mobile phone number in the international format and click "Next" button

  • Please note that registration with the system is carried out using the WM Keeper Standard (Mini) browser application. The application is compatible with any browser regardless of the operating system used, including on mobile devices.

In order to send verification code to the specified number we will need your selfie.
This will help us make sure that you are a real person, as well as confirm your identity.

After that you'll get a telephone call (sms) with a confirmation code. Wait for it, enter the confirmation code and click on the "Next" button.

If you aren't receiving the confirmation code, make sure you typed your phone number correctly. If you're sure you did, create a ticket to the WM Technical Support service. Make sure you specify your phone number and the name of your mobile operator in it.

After verifying the code, the System will check your phone number for existing registrations made with it. If one is found, you will be prompted to log in to one of your existing WMID or to create a new one (go through the re-registration procedure).

If no registrations are found, you will be redirected to the password setting page. Enter the password that will be used to lo gin in and confirm it. Accept the terms of the WebMoney Transfer System agreements and give your consent to LLC "VEBMANI.RU" to process your personal data by ticking the appropriate boxes on the page. Click "Next".

Congratulations! You are now a member of the WebMoney system.

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