For the initial registration at WebMoney system you need to provide your personal details. After the initial registration a user gets access to electronic purses of WM Keeper Mini. To get access to WM KeeperClassic, Light, Mobile a user should:

To get registered at WebMoney follow the procedures below:

1 Go to Enter your mobile phone number in the international format. Click “Proceed”.

  • Please note that WM Keeper Mini is a browser and OS-independent web application that can also be run on mobile devices.

After the system confirms that your phone number has no other registrations in the system, you’ll be redirected to the page where you should enter your personal details.

2 Fill in the form using only TRUTHFUL data about your identity. If the personal data you have entered doesn’t pass verification and you can’t get registered with the system, please read our registration instructions carefully.

Attention! Make sure you won’t forget your security question and answer. You will need it to restore access to your WMID using the simplified procedure.

After you enter your personal details click “Proceed”.

Check all the info you entered and click “Proceed”.

3 You will receive the E-mail with the registration code within several minutes. The copy of this e-mail will be sent to your Additional E-mail, if this field has been field in before. Follow the received link in the browser.

or enter the registration code manually at If you haven’t received the e-mail, check the spam filter of your mail program. These e-mail messages are occasionally treated as spam.

You can have the registration code sent to your e-mail again, and if required you can change your e-mail without making changes to other information. Click on the corresponding link on the page.

After the registration code is confirmed, you can have your mobile phone number verified. Enter the code you received and click “Next”.

Attention! You can proceed with your registration without your phone number being verified. Click the corresponding link on the page.

If required you can change the phone number, without making changes to other information, by clicking the appropriate link.

4 Complete the registration. Enter and confirm your password and click “Ок”.

After the registration, you will receive an e-mail containing links to the main system resources. If you require more information or assistance with WebMoney, we recommend you to read this e-mail carefully.

After you successfully log into WM Keeper Mini you need to create WM-purses. Click “no, but can create”.

Select type of the WM-purse, accept the terms and click “Create”.

After the WM-purse is successfully created you will get the following message.

You can create purses for different currencies by clicking on the button “[+]” in the “Purses” bar.

Before you start using WebMoney system, read the instructions in the article WM Keeper Mini.

All WM Keeper Mini users can add other options for managing their WMID (account): WM Keeper Classic, WM Keeper Light or WM Keeper Mobile. For more details read the following articles.

Registered WebMoney users can have several WMIDs, attached to one passport and managed through different WM Keepers. For more details on how to register one more WM Keeper, read the article Second registration.

The users of social networks such as “Facebook” can use special WM Keeper versions, and get registered using their profile in social networks.

See also: Changing registration data