Recurring Payments Service

The Recurring Payments Service WebМoney Rebills is designed to automate recurring payments to benefit WebMoney users.

The service lets you create templates for regular payments and their periodic execution, enabling users to add funds to their service provider accounts in time (such as internet access, mobile connection, television, and etc.). Service providers can connect to the service to receive periodic payments from their clients in acceptance-free mode.

When creating payment templates a user can choose:
  • the type of service they are paying for (mobile connection, internet, and etc.);
  • the service provider;
  • phone number/personal account number;
  • template name;
  • the payment period - daily, weekly, or monthly;
  • the payment total and the currency;
  • the date of the first payment;
  • the payment method:
    • "I agree to automatic payment for services" – bills will be paid by the service automatically and the WMID 216125697593 belonging to the service will have to receive the appropriate authorization;
    • "I agree to receive bills to pay for services" - the user's Keeper will receive bills to pay for services with a specified periodicity;
    • "I agree only to receive informative notifications" - the user's Keeper will receive reminders;
    • "I decline periodic services" – the template will be inactive.

On the service site the user will have access to the history of regular payments.

For service providers WebМoney Rebills makes it possible to connect their services to the system by choosing one of the following options:
  • light, where payments from clients will not be attached to bills in the merchant's billing system;
  • full, where the merchant can connect the inner bills he posts to the payments arriving from WebMoney, making the accounting maximally flexible.

Service site:

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