Recommendations for WebMoney Keeper WinPro secure operation

  1. Follow the General security tips to increase security on your computer.
  2. Always use the latest version of WebMoney Keeper WinPro.
  3. Make sure you have the up-to-date key file on the removable media and access code for it (unless you use E-num Storage).
  4. To ensure an enhanced level of security, use the following to store key files:
    • E-num service, E-num Storage is the authorization system providing access to WebMoney Transfer services via a secret key (a unique cipher-pad) that is stored on the smartphone.
  5. Secure use of the software on a public computer is possible only if the keys are stored in E-num Storage .
  6. Enable "WebMoney Keeper Phone Activation":https:/age (by default, the activation code is sent to your e-mail).
  7. Enable IP Blocking on the Security service website.
    • After the blocking is enabled you can use Keeper only from the IP-addresses that were specified in Allowed IP Addresses list.
    • If the blocking is enabled, and in case of an attempt to connect to the system from an IP-address not listed in the Allowed list, system access will be denied and a message containing the unblocking code will be sent to the e-mail or phone specified when the block was enabled.
    • If you have any difficulties defining your IP-address use the tip in the IP Blocking page.
    • Use the mode which support the sending of the unblocking code to the phone, not to the email.
  8. To make your payments from WM Keeper WinPro (Classic) safe and secured you should enable confirmation of transactions via E-num or SMS.
  9. For secure and convenient work with WebMoney Transfer System services use Recommendations for browser settings.
  10. To control the state of WM Keeper WinPro (Classic) while away from the computer where it is installed use the Notifications service.