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Cannot create a purse in WM Keeper WebPro

Make sure that you have not forgotten to specify your purse name.

The first thing you need to do is to check whether pop-ups are enabled in your browser and whether new pages open in new window.

If the process stops on the step for setting up purse name, this means that Java scripting is disabled or is incorrectly configured.

Recommendations for configuring Internet Explorer.

If you have already accepted the notification about the purse service but the purse has not appeared, do not be surprised. WM Keeper WebPro (Light) runs in the browser window you need to update the data by clicking the "Refresh" button. is not accessible

If, when navigating to, instead of your purses you see the message "To access LIGHT.WMTRANSFER.COM you need a client certificate", then the instruction provided below is not for you. It means that you do not have a personal passport - read the information provided there to know how to get one.

For a start check whether HTTPS protocol is enabled in your browser. Go to

If the link does not open it means there is a problem either in the settings of your browser or Port 443 is closed which is required for HTTPS connection.

Check the Recommendations for configuring Internet Explorer.

If you have applied the recommended settings and it did not help contact your provider (system administrator). Find out, whether Port 443 is actually closed and ask to open it.

If opens and - does not open do the following:
1) Check the settings of Internet Explorer with the ones specified above.
2) Re-install WebMoney Transfer root certificate.

If the problem remains contact Technical Support.