Pre-trial claim

The Debt service allows the members of the System to lay pre-trial claims to the debtors who don't repay loans in time.

Pre-trial claim is a written request to remove the breach of duties committed by the debtor. The document enables the possibility to settle a dispute between the lender and the debtor at the pre-trial stage. The request contains the demands made by the lender, motives and the due date. The document also contains a warning that the matter may be taken to court in case of further violation by the debtor of the Agreement for the Loan of Title Units.

The document is created at the WebMoney Letters service and is sent to the debtor's mailbox.

To order the delivery of a pre-trial claim to the debtor you should do the following:

  • at the unrepaid loan page of the Debt service website click on the button "Send a pre-trial claim lettter to the debtor";
  • receive the stamp and delivery services invoice to your WM Keeper;
  • pay the invoice in 24 hours.

In case of timely payment, a pre-trial claim letter is printed out and sent by the post. Otherwise the letter is removed.

For the moment there are following restrictions for pre-trial claim letters:

  • there can be only one letter produced and sent for each loan;
  • the letters can be sent to Russian postal addresses (the list of the countries will expanded in future);
  • a letter can be produced only after the correctness of the debtor's postal address is verified.

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