PhotoID – is a unique photo of a WebMoney user, besides the photo depicted on the main pages of the passport (or any other document that can prove your Identity). Having the PhotoID will simplify control restoration procedure or phone number update procedure or e-mail address update procedure using simplified scheme. It will also reduce the average time of all the procedures that require approval of your Identity as a WMID holder.

PhotoID can be created:

Which identification document can be used for creating of a PhotoID?

You should demonstrate the document which is registered with the WebMoney Passport of your WMID.
If this document is invalid or you are temporarily unable to take a photo with it, you can submit the following documents:

- international passport;
- identification card;

Check PhotoID

All PhotoID checked. Сhecking of PhotoID is only possible if you have verified the scan of the passport or other identity document. If you haven't provided a scan (photocopy) of your passport for verification, you can upload it on the Verification Center website.

Generally this takes 1 to 2 working days after performing all the above requirements. Notification of the verification results is sent to WebMoney Keeper.

Create a PhotoID with mobile applications WebMoney Keeper

Available for Google Android, Apple iOS, MacOS and Microsoft Windows Phone

  • log in to the application;
  • go to "Settings" - "Account";
  • Сlick on "PhotoID";
  • follow instructions of the System.

Create a PhotoID with mobile applications WebMoney Keeper Pro

Available for Google Android and Apple iOS

  • log in to the application;
  • go to "Profile";
  • click on "PhotoID";
  • follow instructions.

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