Personal authentication hardware

To increase security for working with your purses and WebMoney Transfer services we recommend using the following personal authentication hardware:

  • Fingerprint reader;
  • eToken PRO USB authentication token;
  • Rutoken USB authentication token.

Fingerprint reader is a high-frequency scanner that generates a unique sequence of numbers on the basis of unique image of a dermal ridges of human finger skin and uses that sequence to identify the user. The fingerprint reader is used in WebMoney Transfer system in E-num authorization. Some modern notebooks, keyboards and mice are equipped with fingerprint readers. They are produced as separate USB devices. E-num supports a great number of fingerprint readers.

eToken PRO and Rutoken USB authentication tokens represent secure devices designed for authenticating the user in the network or local computer, protecting e-mail communication, providing secure remote access to information resources and also for providing secure storage for personal data such as electronic digital signature, WM Keeper WebPro (Light) personal certificate. You can read the description of the USB authentication tokens on manufacturers' web-sites eToken PRO and Rutoken.

The following instructions will help you install and configure the devices mentioned above for working in WebMoney Transfer.

Using eToken for storing WM Keeper WebPro certificates
Using Rutoken for storing WM Keeper WebPro certificates

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