Payment via SMS

WebMoney users can pay for goods and services using an SMS message sent to their mobile phone (or a USSD request).

This payment method is very simple and convenient. On the seller's site, the user enters the mobile phone number (or WMID, or email address that can be used for finding the phone number) of the buyer. The system responds with an SMS message (or a USSD request) for confirming the payment. The payment is completed immediately after the confirmation code is entered on the seller's site.

Payment via SMS is also available on the Merchant service ("WebMoney — Quick Payment" section).

The unique characteristics of this payment method provide the following benefits for buyers at the moment of purchase:
  • possibility to make payments without leaving the seller's site (application);
  • possibility to make payments without access to their WM Keeper (for instance, when in a game, you can pay for the necessary accessories or artifacts "on-the-fly" or make a payment from the payment section of a console or TV set);
  • possibility to make payments without Internet access (for instance, at some gas stations, you can tell the operator the phone number and the payment confirmation code).

Configuration of the SMS payment option is performed on the security service site. This option is enabled after the first payment with the following limits: 90000 WMR per month and 15000 WMR per day.

When making a purchase with SMS/USSD authorization, the system charges the buyer with an additional fixed commission in the amount of 1,5 WMR, 0,05 WMZ, 0,05 WME, 1,5 WMU, 0,01 WMX, 0,01 WMG, 1000 WMV, 9 WMK, 0,1 WMB, 0,10 WMH, 0,50 WML.

This payment method is implemented with the help of the X20 XML interface and is available to all sellers.

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