Making purchases using WM Keeper Standard for social networks

Members of the System who registered WM Keeper Standard for social networks (Twitter, Vkontakte, etc) or linked an account in WM Keeper Standard have the possibility to pay for goods or services using the Merchant service.

After having chosen a product in an online store, the customer gets automatically redirected to the Merchant service web-site where he should log in using WM Keeper Standard for social networks and confirm the payment.

1 Before paying, make sure that the merchant, the product and the price meet your expectations. After that, on the payment page, choose one of the social network icons with which you had passed the registered or linked in WM Keeper Standard.

2 Log in to your social network

3 Then specify the purse from which you will pay and choose a confirmation method. To confirm the payment using E-num or SMS click on "receive a code" button. Note that when you use SMS-confirmation the minimal fee will increase to 0.05 WMZ. This increase is significant only for payments of small amounts (for the amounts larger than 100 WMZ the fee remains equal to 0,8%).

If there are not enough funds on your purses to pay, you will be asked:

  • Make an automatic exchange of funds, if they are on other types of purses. You can opt out of the exchange and make the exchange yourself in one of the exchange offices from the Megastock catalog
  • Top up your purse with a bank card.

4 Then type the confirmation code received in SMS or the response value (received in the Enum app) in the corresponding field and click the "Confirm payment" button.

5 After performing the payment you can "print receipt" and return to the web-site of the store.

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