Logging into WM Keeper WinPro through E-num authentication using SMS challenge-response

The manual is out of date

Beginning with version of WM Keeper WinPro, your keys are automatically saved on E-num when you register; E-num authentication is the primary means of logging into your WMID, using SMS challenge-response. To log into WM Keeper WinPro using SMS challenge-response, do the following:

1 Launch WM Keeper WinPro (Classic).

2 For the location where your access keys are stored, choose E–num Storage, enter your e-mail address, for the authentication method choose "Challenge-response by SMS" and click "Next".

3 Then you will be notified that "the response digits have been sent by SMS to the telephone number you gave during registration".

4 Enter the digit you received by SMS in the "Response Digits" field and click "Next".

5 If you have successfully gone through authentication, in the resulting window you will need to enter the password for your WMID which you set during registration, and then click "Finish".


* You can receive response digits by SMS only five times per day. After that limit, you will view the error shown below:

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